Posted on: November 30, 2008 8:27 pm

Final CFB NC prediction, NBA Power Rankings

My final prediction for the CFB National Title is...Oklahoma vs. Alabama with Alabama winning the NC. With the recent BCS polls out Oklahoma now wins the Big12 South and Will play Mizzou for the Big 12 Championship, which I'm sure they will win.

Despite many people's arguments I feel confident that Alabama deserves that #1 spot and can beat Florida in the SEC Championship. If I'm wrong you can stone me afterwards.

NFL- I'm taking a break seeing as nothing really has changed dramatically.


  • 1. L.A. Lakers- The best in the NBA? We'll see as time rolls along.
  • 2. Cleveland Cavaliers- Are on one of the best runs I've seen from the Cavs, as expected James has done a great Job leading this team to being one of the top powers in the NBA.
  • 3. Boston Celtics- The Big Three isn't looking as dominant as last season.
  • 4. Portland Trail Blazers- A stunning turn of events have Portland on a 4-win streak beating Detroit, they are looking the best they have since the early 90's.
  • 5. Pheonix Suns- Shaq is starting to come back into power.
  • 6. Orlando Magic- These guys are magically (hahaha) winning. Jameer Nelson has done a good job with scoring.
  • 7. Houston Rockets- Yao Ming is starting to play like he used to, and new found speedster Aaron Brooks has been a great help.
  • 8. Denver Nuggets- Chauncey Billups has looked like a smart trade for Denver, but lets see as the season rolls on.
  • 9. Utah Jazz- Even with Deron Williams the Jazz aren't head of the North West
  • 10. Detroit Pistons- A loss to the Blazers was damaging and might lead to a turn around or a downhill slide for Detroit.
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